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LF-1530 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine / Metal Cutting Machine / Fiber Laser Cutter

The LF series large format fiber laser cutting machine offers economical solutions for industrial production needs in order to meet the needs of large format, high volume, and highly efficient sheet metal processing.

Models and Tech Specs
Model LF-1530
Cutting Area 1500mm x 3000mm
X-Y Maximum Simultaneous Positioning Speed 80m/min
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Repeatability 0.02mm
Machine Weight 3500Kg
Machine Size 2400mm x 4700mm x 1700mm (W x L x H)
Laser Source 500W 700/750W 1000W
Wavelength Fiber
Maximum Sheet Thickness*
Carbon Steel 6mm 8mm
Stainless Steel 3mm 5mm
Aluminum 4mm
Brass 3mm
Copper 2mm

Main Configurations Introduction
Machine Body
The LF series fiber laser has a high strength body, and uses the most popular steel plate welding structure in order to guarantee the speed, precision and long term, stable operation.

The open architecture design ensures that loading and unloading material is easy, and extremely cost effective.

The working table consists of individual removable serrated strips, to maintain the convenience of operation. Users only need to replace damaged strips, instead of the entire machine, which reduces overall maintenance costs. The multi-segmented trailer reclaim is also a convenient operation, and takes up less floor space.

Motion System
The LF series fiber laser cutting machine uses a gantry motion structure. The X-axis beam cast from aluminum materials with a high strength and light weight provides a solid foundation for high performance moving.

The high quality rack and pinion, as well as the linear guide, achieves a high speed, high precision and durability.

The Y axis uses an independent dual drive configuration, ensuring the structure is simple and compact, while still keeping maintenance costs low.

Utilizing a servo motor from world leading suppliers, the LF series moves extremely fast with a high response and excellent stability characteristics.

Z Unit
The LF series laser cutting and engraving machine is equipped with an integrated Z unit for high precision, stability and reliability. It features a compact design and low maintenance costs.

Control and Electronic System
The LF series fiber laser is also equipped with a highly integrated, modular electronic system and other control parts from world renowned suppliers. Assembled in strict accordance with international electrical standards, this machine features an excellent performance with outstanding stability and reliability.

The LF series fiber laser is equipped with easy to use software. Using the WYSIWYG design mode and visual control interface, customers can efficiently complete processing tasts, and reduce the difficult of overall operation.

Fiber Laser Source
The LF series offers a fiber laser source covered under 500-1,000W, from internationally known suppliers. These laser sources feature a high quality, great power stability, low failure rate and excellent service. The model 500W is for thin sheet metal processing, and the model 1,000W is much more efficient for processing thicker materials. Finally, the models 700-750W are both cost effective and flexible.

Cutting Head
To ensure the cutting quality, the LF series is equipped with a high quality cutting head with the following features:
-- solid and durable mechanical parts
-- high quality collimation and focus lens
-- low energy consumption
-- high accuracy
-- convenient adjustment
-- protection lens

The LF series offers separate control for high pressure and low pressure gas. Users can configure and control the gas according to the material, thickness and processing requirements in order to achieve optimum cutting results.

Cooling System
The laser cutting machine is equipped with a high quality chiller in order to ensure the continuous and stable output of the fiber laser.


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