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F-20 Fiber Laser Galvo Marking Machine

Fiber Laser Marking Machine / Fiber Laser Marking / Marking Machine

F series offers a plug and play all-in-one fiber laser galvo marking system.

Models and Tech Specs
Model F-20
Working Area 4" x 4" / 110 x 110mm
Max Speed 800 Std Char/s
Repeatability ±0.003mm
Min Char Height 0.15mm
Laser Source Fiber
Wattage 20W
Frequency 20-100KHz
Min Focal Point Dia. 0.005mm
Machine Size (W x D x H) 700 x 800 x 1400mm

Main Configurations Introduction
All-In-One Design
F series has an all-in-one design, with fiber laser, galvos, accessory axis, control system, industrial PC included and integrated, and provides a working table for users. With this design, F series achieves low failure rate, low maintenance cost, ease of use and maximum productivity.

Plug and Play
We provide ready to use machine package with all necessary parts, include exhaust blower, etc. Just setup and do some job!

High Performance Galvos and Lens
With galvos and lens from world's leading supplier, F series can do marking extremely fast with high precision, much faster than X-Y engraving system. By using our high performance galvos, you can engrave small character as little as 0.15mm with no distortion. High quality lens ensure same size of focal point on all corner of working area, help you achieve best processing quality.

Z-Axis and Rotary Unit
With a mechanical adjustable Z-axis using a hand wheel, you can do marking on work piece of different thickness, abnormal shape, or the one holding on a rotary unit. The rotary unit is included in our standard configuration, no additional cost for it.

Precise Fiber Laser
F series is equipped with a maintenance free, air cooled high speed fiber laser, with average life-time of 100,000 hrs. It's available with 20W, for general purpose use, and 50W, for high demanding conditions. The output window of fiber laser is sealed in metal box assembled with galvo scanner, no maintenance required even in most demanding environments.

Positioning Laser
By using the built-in coaxial positioning laser to pinpoints the border of marking, you can align work piece quickly and easily, reduce the time spent on preparatory work and the number of defective products.

Industrial PC
F series is equipped with an optimized and robust industrial PC, to guarantee long-term stable and reliable operation.

Intelligent Marking Software
You can import or make a design, make a hatch, finish layout and sorting, and control machine directly in our software.
Scan image from peripherals directly.
Images library for saving and quickly importing common design.
Automatic, sequential bar code generation.
Program input and output.
Layer and color mapping for different processing parameters in one project.
Material library for saving and quickly setting processing parameters.

Foot Switch
With foot switch, you can keep your hands free, especially in case of processing same marking repeatedly, to improve productivity.

Safety and Reliability
F series is designed, engineered and built with safety and reliability considerations in mind. We use electronic parts from world’s leading supplier and build system accommodate to international standards.


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