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  • Sheet Metal Cutting

    As one of the most advanced and popular processing technologies available today, laser cutting is widely used in the sheet metal processing industry, as it makes cutting simple, efficient and precise. GU Eagle America's fiber laser cutting machine has become an ideal choice for companies all over the world.

  • Advertising and Signage

    Advertising and signs are one of the most developed industries for laser material processing. People use lasers to carry out etching of logos on material surfaces, cut letters or shapes down to size to use them directly, or to make a composition.

  • Fine Art and Gift

    Today, it is becoming exceedingly common for people to use laser machines for crafting fine arts and gifts. With our easy to use print driver, users can create designs using their favorite software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, and AutoCAD; then print them on our machine. Users can cut and engrave on acrylic, cardboard, wood, textiles, color plates, stone and much more to get the design they want.

  • Architectural Modeling

    Laser technology offers unbeatable advantages for model creation. A laser system can process thousands of materials in a way that a traditional method or 3D printer can't. Users can create highly detailed, 3D and scale models that accurately represent the form and space a customer needs. Simply create a CAD drawing or other graphic file, process the artwork with the laser system, and then assemble the finished 3D model.

  • Textile and Garment

    Industrial fabric often needs to be cut into various shapes, and many times, the customer wants the edges to be sealed, so that the fiber does not fray. The use of a laser cutting process offers unique advantages and makes it easier to meet customer needs.

  • Package and Marking

    Most packaging has to display a variety of information, including that which can't be printed cost efficiently with the elaborate, multi-color printing process used for most packaging presentation. Examples include expiration dates and batch or serial numbers. Frequently, the marking has to be applied at the very end of the production process, even after the filling process is completed.

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