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Do you remember the excitement of winning that first place trophy as a kid, and having your name engraved on it? What about cutouts in acrylic, wood or other materials, of your favorite cartoon characters? Laser engraving plays a key role in both of those, and a wealth of other engraving or cutting processes, such as engraving a meaningful phrase into jewelry for that special someone in your life, all the way up to industrial needs.

At GU Eagle America, we make it our mission to provide high quality laser equipment and integrated service within the laser industry. Based in California, we combined an advanced machinery design from Germany and outstanding services, allowing us to launch one of the most comprehensive product lines in the laser industry, including laser cutting, engraving, marking, graphic imaging and welding systems.

We provide more than just laser cutting and engraving machines. In addition to our state of the art equipment, GU Eagle is committed to the support of implementing top of the line manufacturing processes. Our application engineers help customers define and implement process control, and are also ready and waiting to support customer needs for upgrading, preventative maintenance and repair, technical advice, material tests and technical support.

At GU Eagle, we effectively combine advanced technology with social resources, market resources and scientific management ideals in order to achieve a concept of optimized development at all stages of company growth. Just like a laser (which has both direction and energy), we not only share our passion for the laser industry, but also show the world at large a strong technology industry and innovation force.

Why choose us?

We are a global company headquartered in Beijing, China, and have a branch in California, in the United States, to help us reach a wider market base.

Our staff at the office in Beijing, China

Our staff has about 15 years of experience in the laser industry, and is comprised of a marketing manager, sales representatives, an R&D manager, engineers and technicians who have all come from leading laser industry companies in both China and America. We know about everything there is to know about laser machines, from knowing how to receive customer requirements, to the design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and final laser applications.

We provide high quality laser machines and excellent customer service at the most affordable prices. We also stock a number of laser engraving and cutting machines in our warehouse in California, in order to deliver products as quickly as possible.

We stock all components and spare parts in our warehouse, and can also provide local support and service without delays.

  • Machine stock at our warehouse in Ontario, California

  • Components and spare parts in stock at our warehouse at the Ontario, California location

  • Components and spare parts in stock at our warehouse at the Ontario, California location

GU Eagle America also provides 2 year warranties for customers in America, longer than any other company on the market today. Our staff also provides consultation services in English and Spanish, and for each laser cutting and engraving machine, we provide a comprehensive manual and video for safe and correct operation and maintenance.

G.U. Eagle America, Inc.
Address: 855 S Milliken Ave Ste E, Ontario, CA 91761
Call: +1-626-671-4014
Sales: sales@gueagle.com
Service: service@gueagle.com

Beijing G.U. Eagle Automation Co., Ltd.
Address: B-2 Dongsheng science park, No. 66 Xixiaokou street, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100192
Call: +86-10-56358158
Sales: sales@gueagle.com
Service: service@gueagle.com

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